CB Capital Concierge™ offers the highest quality advisory services to entrepreneurs and investors in the global cannabis industry. We pride ourselves on diligence, ethics, and integrity of the work we perform for our clients. While we do not promote individual investment opportunities on this site, we assure that our offerings are in compliance with all securities laws in the global and USA State-legal industry when going to market on behalf of the enterprise.

Services for Entrepreneurs

CB Capital Concierge™ partners with cannabis entrepreneurs to source capital and advise on a robust strategy that appeals to the discerning investor.  Using best practices in management, operations, talent, marketing, distribution and capital markets from across industries, geographies and cultures, we help companies stay ahead of the critical business dimensions vetted by diligent investors, including product and distribution strategy, effective management, strong brands,  intellectual property, scalable operations and marketing, as well as disciplined fiscal management. CB Capital Concierge partners with entrepreneurs to accelerate growth through:

  • Strategic Advisory
  • Business Planning
  • Private Capital & Funding
  • Strategic Partnerships & JVs
  • Acquisition targets
  • Opportunistic mergers
  • Traditional M&A
  • Strategic Targets & Finding

Services for Investors

Capital fuels innovation. CB Capital Concierge works with discerning investors to stay ahead of trend for investments in science, medicine, technologies and growth opportunities that advance the evolving global and USA, State-legal cannabis market. CB Capital Concierge partners with investors for:

  • Curated Private Investments
  • Advisory Services
  • Strategic Targets & Finding
  • Deal Sourcing & Due Diligence
  • Active Portfolio Management & Monitoring
  • Access to innovative deal flow from U.S. and globally
  • M&A
  • Capital Advisory & Co-investing
  • Placement Agent for Private Equity (domestic, international, including Israel)

Strategic Targets & M&A Opportunities

As businesses mature, the build strategy often gives way to a more accelerated buy, growth or merge strategy.  We have cultivated a robust network of cannabis company operators, IP, strategic partners, consultants, service advisors, suppliers, labs, scientists, research analysts and more as resources that generate strategic opportunities.  We keep an outward focus on the industry with presence at conferences, events, and launches to stay current on movement in the industry. We bring this to both our investor and enterprise clients.

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