CB Capital Concierge™ is a boutique capital advisory firm that aligns growth companies with investors in the global and USA State-legal cannabis industry. Operating with the highest level of diligence and ethics, we bring financial capital and strategic opportunities to enterprising businesses and create unique value to investors in this frontier industry.

Drawing on over 30 years of commercializing and capitalizing business strategy, CB Capital Concierge brings best practices from across industries, cultures and geographies to benefit cannabis investors and entrepreneurs. Our clients are capitalists, and we work to fund their aspirations.

While the cannabis industry is young, the level of activity is high, appealing to a discerning investor base amidst significant competition. This calls for companies to stand out with a diligent strategy and plan that will win investor confidence. There is an increasing need to intermediate between the diligence of investors and the growth trajectory of the entrepreneurial venture. Foreseeing obstacles, navigating choice points and besting competition is what prepares investors and enterprise for a win at the point of capital commitment.

Capital Strategies for Enterprise Value

We define capital broadly. Growth companies need financial capital, yet securing it requires optimizing human, social and intellectual capital, as well. CB Capital Concierge stands where capital and opportunity meet. Cannabis entrepreneurs and investors share a focus on strategic execution of talent, fiscal management, product, intellectual property, marketing, distribution, branding and other strategic resources. Using our proprietary Capital Q™ approach, we work to amplify financial capital by integrating supporting capital flows into a robust strategy required by companies and demanded by investors.

Robust Cannabis Eco-System

CB Capital Concierge maintains a vibrant community of entrepreneurs, investors, thought leaders, strategic alliances, advisors and resources to stay ahead of trend in the global cannabis industry. Our cannabis eco-system includes functional advisors, M&A, strategic collaborations, and joint venture opportunities, scientists, innovators and strategic investors, among others. This constellation of resources is part of our global cannabis industry network that our clients enjoy.

As an industry front runner, CB Capital Concierge hosts forums for the exchange of knowledge, ideas, investment opportunities and capital to promote strategic alliances and partnerships in the cannabis industry. We stay attuned to competitive activity, regulatory shifts, evolving trends, emerging players and ready capital, both domestically and internationally.